RHPmobile Adds Location Geo-Dating to Mobile App

RHPmobile has added  location-based features to make spur of the moment hookups easier.

New interface, new features, more fun including:

1. Nearby (geo location). This feature uses your GPS to locate and display members nearby your location, with 3 levels of privacy.

2. Swipe Navigation. The new search results layout brings full screen user pictures and an intuitive ‘swipe’ navigation format.

 3. Notifications. RHPmobile will let you know when a good match or friend is nearby.

4. Forums on the go. Now all your favourite threads have gone mobile.

5. Enhanced Photo Upload. Along with being able to capture & upload photos, you can now import your facebook pics.

We can see these new features may pose a threat to the privacy of some members, this is why we introduced the 3 levels of privacy where you can either post your accurate GPS location, or vicinity or just keep your main profile location. This way, members have the option to turn on and off their GPS location depending on their privacy concerns.